Monday, February 18, 2013

Neptune Hong Kong Snacks at Marine Parade Central

We used to visit this Dim Sum Place at Marine Parade years ago when we were working near the area and stop going for a couple a years as we got busy with other things. It turns our the food taste better than we had remembered and they have made a few changes with their menu as well.

Good Dim Sum at unexpected places
A welcome addition is the mini-egg tarts which got to be the best we have tried in Singapore. The crust is crumbly and flaky and the filling inside melts in your mouth. We happen to have it once when it was right out of the oven and the feeling of having a bite is simply heavenly. It is even better than the ones we had at Fei Chui, Not so surprising as the owner used to be a Dim Sum chef from Hong Kong.

The yummy Mini Egg tarts

The Lotus Leaf Rice goes not feel oily but is soft and moist.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thai Kitchen BBQ Steam Boat

Sometimes, you can find nice Thai food in unexpected places, like in those food places in industrial areas. It is usually very crowded on week days, but for a week end dinner casual dinner, it means easy parking and beating the crowds.

This gem of a a eatery in an industrial area in Kallang have some of the better Thai food we have tried. It has a great honey chicken and rich and aromatic green curry. The tom yam soup is almost like the ones we have at Koh Samui.
Honey Chicken with fried garlic