Monday, December 29, 2008

Travelling around Bali from Kuta

It is easy to find transport in Bali. We live in Kuta during our 5 days trip but one can easily get a driver who will bring you to sights around the island and back for a very reasonable price.

Here 's what our estimate cost and travel time to the places we visit:

1. From Kuta to Jimbaran bay for dinner and back
Cost : Approx $5 SGD
Traveling time: The guide says it is 5 mins but a more realistic time frame is 15 mins each way.
Tip: Hear say is that the guides will bring you to certain more expensive places. If you have your eye on a certain restaurant, try calling them to see if they will pick you up from your hotel and send you back.

2. From Kuta to Uluwatu
Cost : We hired the driver for the day and he bring us to other places besides Uluwatu for the whole day from 11:00 to 8:00 for 350000 rupiah (about $50 SGD)
Traveling time: Our trip back to our hotel from Uluwatu is about 45 mins
Tip: The monkeys here are aggressive! It took our water bottle that is at the side pocket of our haversack. Make sure your things are sercured or hidden from view.

3. From Kuta to Ubud
Cost: This is included as part of our travel package but hiring a driver for a full day cost about the same each day.
Travelling time: It is about an hour drive from Kuta to Ubud. It is good to plan the trip so that there is stops along the way.

4. From Kuta to Kintamani
Cost: Our guide charge us the same price as the day previously.
Travelling time: It took us almost 2 hours to Kintamani. The road is a little narrow and we went up the mountain.

5. Around Kuta and nearby places like spas.
We saw plenty of taxis and horse carriages round. Spas from as far as Sanur will come and pick you up at your hotel and send you back FOC (Free of Charge). Call and check to see if they have that service.

6. From and to the airport
Kuta to the airport is only 10 mins. But if you are getting off your flight at say 3:30, cater for more time at the check out in the airport. We took about 30 mins. By the time we got to the hotel and settle down, it's 5:30.

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