Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

We chance upon this yummy Yong Tau Foo place one morning and were pleasantly surprised with how yummy this is. Unlike most Yong Tau Foo Stalls in Singapore where the dried version is blanched in water then served with a mix of sweet sauce, this version is fried and served with a soy based minced meat sauce.

The food here include the usual Yong Tau Foo slections fish balls, crab sticks, bittergourds, cuttlefish, ladies fingers, Capsicums, Chilies and Vegetables. The bean curd and soy base items are huge and three of us ends up with a huge serving though we just choose 5-6 items each.

We get to choose Thick Bee Hoon and Bee Tai Mak to accompany our Yong Tau Foo and love that their version is served with a savoury minced meet and soy base sauce topped with spring onions, pepper and fried shallots.
Bee Tai Mak / Lao Shu Feng (老鼠粉) in savory sauce
We select a giant fish cake, capsicum and mushroom stuffed with a mix of fish and mince meet paste fillings, dumplings and ngohiong.The texture of the fish cake and tou fu are great. According to our friendly server, selections here are all made in house daily and no MSG is used.
Our selection of Yong Tau Foo

Capsicum taste superb with the meat and fish paste fillings.
The nice people here give our boy a separate plate with just a tiny bit of sauce.
Our kid's selection of fish ball, fried bean cud and fish cake with fish and cuttlefish fillings
 I choose a small piece of vegetable and they cook up a plate for three for us .The vegetables is cook just right, not too crunchy or overcooksed and the sauce and fried shallot make it so tasty I can eat a whole big plate all by  myself.
Healthy vegetables
I like Fu Lin's version of the NgoHiong, which is not too meaty and doesn't feel oily at all. The mushroom carrot and water chestnut is cut just right so you can still fill the bits and texture.
The NgoHiong(五香) with meat water chest nuts , carrots and mushrooms

The Yong Tau Foo is not the kind where you get sweet tomato sauce mixed with the dried
Where:  Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen (福林庄) 53 Upper East Coast Road. (Across the Street from DBS) SINGAPORE 455214
Hours: 8am-9.30pm
$$$: $3.50 per set

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