Saturday, February 7, 2009

Turtle Island, Moncot Sari Turtle Farm

This was a pleasant surprise. We had no idea of its existence until our guide bring us to a beach at Nusa Dua. There, we were introduce to a number of activities we can do from scuba diving to skate boarding...of course those are not the stuff we can do with a 3 yr old.

We finally spot the item - to take a boat ride (with clear fiber glass bottom so we can see the marine life beneath) to the turtle island and back. It cost USD50 per pax on the menu. But we manage to bargain it down so SGD 50 for the 3 of us.

The boat ride is nice and start out gentle. The water is clear but there were not too much marine life beneath till we stop at a spot with plenty of fishes. We were given bread to feed the fishes with silver and purple stripes and the 3 yr old have a great time doing that.

Turtle island, as in the name sake is a wild life farm that rears many turtles. The big ones are big enough for our 3 yr old to ride on and we can see little baby turtles and touch and hold the turtles with the help of the designated guide from the farm. Besides turtles, there are hedgehogs, snakes, iguana, bats, eagles, hawks and falcons as well as squirrels and rabbits as part of the wild life collection. Most of the animals are "domesticated and we can touch and hold the snakes, iguanas, bats and falcons if we are game enough. Takers, anyone?


mason said...

is it legal? i might go to it, but i know that the nearby town is the center for the illegal turtle trade in indonesia

(^_^) mi said...

Wow really? First time I heard about that. But we are only visitng the farm, not trading turtles LOL