Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fresh coffee at a plantation

On the way back to Kuta from Kintamani, our tour guide brought us to a plantation where we were serve free drinks as we seat looking at the greenery of the plantation.

It was still drizzling and the hot Balinese coffee and herbal drinks were a wonderful treat for us. We had Bali Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Ginseng Coffee, Lemon grass tea and ginger tea. The hot cocoa is extremely rich and my 3 year old immediately fell in love with it...his charm won him a second cup quickly. The ginseng coffee has a distinct aroma about it and till now, I regret not buying the powder when I had the chance. Oh, and for smokers, they offer free tobacco leaves which you can wrap in a piece of paper provided and smoke like a cigarette.

I think we must have spent at least an hour there, enjoying the rain and the view of the plantation in the rustic settings and enjoying our hot and freshly make drinks. hmmm the feeling is heavenly.

Nothing in life is free and after the free flow of complimentary drinks, we were invited to look at their fresh products. Their specialty is this coffee call Luwak, which cost Rp30000 (S$4+) a cup. It is an extremely rare coffee and those who had tasted it describe it as being " heavy, rich and strangely complex with hints of chocolate, old wood and hazelnut." Tempting? Well, after finding out about the production process, non of us dare to give it a try.

Coffee Luwak is the result when coffee berries are consumed by Asian Palm Civet and the beans were passed out undigested. The enzymes of the civet's stomach supposedly break down the coffee's protein and add to the flavor of the bean...


Teh said...

The Ginseng Coffee you tried was made in Malaysia... not Bali. Try to check the instant Ginseng Coffee package, stated "Made in Malaysia"...:(

thea said...

I think I went to the same place as you, i enjoyed it, Ginseng coffee was the best. I'm drinking a cup right now as I speak.

(^_^) mi said...

Oh yes miss the taste and aroma. Maybe I should make another trip to Bali,