Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thai Kitchen BBQ Steam Boat

Sometimes, you can find nice Thai food in unexpected places, like in those food places in industrial areas. It is usually very crowded on week days, but for a week end dinner casual dinner, it means easy parking and beating the crowds.

This gem of a a eatery in an industrial area in Kallang have some of the better Thai food we have tried. It has a great honey chicken and rich and aromatic green curry. The tom yam soup is almost like the ones we have at Koh Samui.
Honey Chicken with fried garlic

Pad Thai or Stir Fried flat noodles

Steam Fish

Pineapple Rice

The Green Curry is rich and tasty.

Tom Yam soup
The generous serving of ingredients for the Tom Yam Soup

Fried Kang Kong with Chilli

Chilli Prawn

Pricing is reasonable and the portion is very big. Service is friendly too.

We love this stall at Kallang Way on week ends. I thought the food is actually pretty close to versions we had during our Koh Samui Trip in Thailand.

Where: Thai Kitchen BBQ Steam Boat  Kallang Way 1, Block 155 Canteen. Singapore

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