Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cost of a Bali Vacation

How much will a Bali Vacation Cost? Well it really depends on:
  • Where you are flying in from? Air tickets probably make for most of the cost unless you are living in a very expensive Villa. Unless of course you will like to take an budget airline. Which should be fine from Singapore since it is just a 2 hour flight. Unless if you are with kids of course, Silk air makes the flight very enjoyable for us. The TV, ice cream and toy he got on the plane really helps.
  • Where are you staying at? Bali have a wide range of places. From expensive villas to bed and breakfast. We stayed in a hotel that cost less than $100 SGD a day which is quite nice and reasonably clean. Do your research and book early. The price was not all that different for nicer places.
  • Places where you go and things that you do.
    Naturally, activities like spa and water sports and eating at expensive places will cost more. If you have a budget constrain, perhaps try to do a variety. Go to at least a nice place like Jimbarang or Bebek Bengil for food. There are convenience stores around where you can grab food and drinks too.

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