Friday, January 9, 2009

Kecak Dance

" It's the only dance which I like" Kat, who had seen all the dances at Bali told me as I asked about her experiences. A search on the web tells me that it is the dance to watch if you are only going to see one dance in Bali. Inquiring about Kecak dance with our guide point us to the one at Uluwatu Temple. It is a temple on the cliff and offers beautiful sunset views. You get to see the dance at an open air theater facing the sea. It cost 50.000 Rp per pax, starts at 6:00 pm before sunset and finishes after dark.

A traditional story is told through the dance and we are given a detailed story line on what each scene is about. The male dances chant "Kecak kecak" repeatedly thoughout the dance.

My 3 yr old son quite enjoy the dance especially when the story line involve a white monkey after seeing so many monkeys around the temple. He got pretty excited after dark as they make a boom fire right in the middle of the theater. We choose the wrong seat though. If you go, be sure to choose the seat facing the sea. You will get the full view of the sunset as you watch the dance.

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