Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bebek - Crispy Duck

The famous Bebek is a must try dish for those visiting Bali for the first time. The more famous and authentic place to try this is Bebek Bengil or (Dirty Duck Cafe) in Ubud. However, the tour that was included in our package included the same dish at a different restrautant in the same vicinity.

It is still an enjoyable experience. Padi Prada is a lovely place with vines dangling from the roof top. It is a pleasant meal with a nicely presented set and a soothing view of a padi field right besides the hotel/restaurant.

The meal Prada Crispy Duck Set Menu, which include:

Serombotan “Klungkung” (Urapan sayur Bali – boiled fresh vegetables and spice lime sauce & shrimp paste )
Cream chicken corn soup
Traditional Balinese chili sauce, cracker and hot chili sauce.
Main Dishes:
Flavored Balinese Rice
Balinese sate lilit
Balinese crispy duck with 3 kind of Balinese sauce
Steam fish in Banana leaf (pepes Ikan)
Seasonal fresh fruit
Mineral Water

The duck is a little dry. and the soup is rather salty. But hey, it's crispy duck!
I totally enjoy the duck,so did my 3 yr old. All of us love the crackers. The stem fish and satay that is slightly spicy so we help . The chilli is good too.

Hmmm will give this place 4 stars out of 5 for this place.

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