Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After almost 2 hours, we finally reach kintamani bali from our Kuta Hotel. It is a bumpy ride though small roads. It is time to get off school on our way there and we see many school children riding scooters and motorcycles on their way home, in the rain. It makes me think how luck children in Singapore are.

I read somewhere that that it is best to visit Kintamani early in the morning. Well, I learn why when we got there. There is fog every where and we can't see the lake or much other than the black volcanic stones scattered everywhere. It is still raining hard after we make our round over the mountain. Our guide brought us to this restaurant which have a view of the volcano ( when there is no fog, that is) We sat outside and with all the fog, it is like sitting in the clouds. It is very cold up in the mountains, making me wish I had wore something thicker.

The restaurant is nicely decorated and offers a buffet style lunch but the only thing we like is the satay and crackers. The baby high chair is way too high- higher than the table. But I guess people come here for the ambiance. The ambiance does not come cheap, buffet lunch for two + drinks cost a total of Rp. 287000 (about S$39)

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